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"All of the stories in Kahn’s play are fascinating and the acting is great. Ben Davis and Robert Gonzales Jr. particularly stand out as John and Alonzo. ...Gonzales’ Alonzo makes you want to stand up and cheer."--Gena Hymowech, Show Business Weekly review of "Crossing Paths in Washington Square"

"The cast of 12, as directed by Tom Berger, is full of life. Robert Gonzales Jr. plays Morose with enthusiasm."--Ed Malin, review of "Epicene, or the Silent Woman"

"...Robert Gonzales Jr.'s portrayal of Morose is hilarious.  As the play wears on, you see his pain and torment grow even further, making his performance well-rounded, multi-faceted and somehow, heartfelt [...] makes you believe you'll be hearing his name much more in theatre circles over the next few years."--Patrick Hickey Jr., Review Fix review of "Epicene, or the Silent Woman"

"The ensemble is first-rate....while Robert Gonzales Jr. is suitably threatening as Dr. Mandias."--Heather Violanti, review of "Dead White Males"

[T]he gypsy violinist Ion (Robert Gonzales Jr.) fittingly and appealingly animated. The music by Allison Tartalia serves him well. --Ronni Reich, Backstage review of "Walking from Rumania"

Luckily, Ion (Robert Gonzales Jr.) and Drina (Zina Anaplioti), a pair of Gypsy siblings, interject ever so often to breathe life into the show. They are Walking From Rumania's charming Greek chorus.--Cindy Pierre,

In the beginning of Act One [of Seussical], all the members of Whoville sing the delightful "Here on Who." The actors are captivating, with hilarious choreography and terrific harmony. In particular, the Mayor of Whoville (played by Robert Gonzales Jr.) shines in this number. His strong voice rings clear throughout the auditorium and leads the rest.--Diana Schwaeble, The Hudson Reporter

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Here's a clip of me singing "The Wizard and I" from Wicked at a cabaret performance in February 2011.  




Here's a clip of me singing "Walking Without You" by Michael Kooman and Christopher Dimond at my cabaret performance "Cabaret Fusion" in February 2010.  




Here's a clip of me singing "Astonishing" from Little Women at a cabaret performance in October 2010.  




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